Training VR Counselors on Providing AT to Consumers

Initiative Description

DakotaLink collaborated with the State Department of Human Services to provide training to Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors throughout the State on their established process for how they provide Assistive Technology devices and services for their consumers. South Dakota uses an electronic referral process that provides consumers access to Assistive Technology assessments, equipment, and training. DakotaLink has worked with the Department to develop a Program Guide and some changes to the policy were initiated to streamline the process. AT Act Funding was used to implement this initiative.

Lessons Learned/Replication

A Survey Monkey was sent out to all of the participants, and we had 100% positive feedback. This direct outline of procedures has streamlined the process of providing AT to individuals with disabilities. Being in front of the folks that provide us with referrals has a more efficient effect on the process than with other means. This initiative will continue and be modified as needed in the years to come. I would replicate this training at least once per year to cover turnover and ensure the process is in effect as expected.

Year of Implementation



South Dakota

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