Device Demonstration

Missouri AT Program Reimburses Schools for AT Purchases


Since 2002, Missouri Assistive Technology has worked to help K-12 schools’ budgets go further through their Assistive Technology Reimbursement (ATR) program.

The Stay Connected Program


Older adults and individuals with disabilities have been uniquely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and are at a higher risk of social isolation.

From Active Duty to Agriculture: Engaging Veterans in Farming and Gardening


Assistive Technology for Kansans (ATK) serves veterans and active duty soldiers transitioning out of the service into civilian life through farming and gardening providing them with socialization opportunities as well as knowledge and skills to gain employment.

Assistive Technology Mobile Unit


Increasing Capabilities Access Network’s (iCAN) location in the center of Arkansas is a barrier for many individuals with disabilities to travel to from other parts of the state.

Smart Home Pilot Project


ATLA has adopted a range of technologies to develop “smart homes.” These homes are equipped with devices that allow for tasks, typically performed by humans, to be automated by voice, touch, and sensors.