Public Awareness

Accessible Recreation and Gaming AT Pop Ups

North Carolina

Following up on the success of previous AT pop up events prior to Covid and in 2022 focusing on AT Financing and AT for Aging, NCATP partnered with AbleGamers to host 3 AT pop up events in 2023 focusing on Accessible Recreation and Gaming.

AT Awareness Month


May 2022 was Wyoming Assistive Technology Awareness Month, a formal proclamation signed by Wyoming's Governor Mark Gordon and was held virtually through the Google Meets platform. 45 attendees witnessed the virtual signing.

Toolkits for Emergency Preparedness


MDTAP has provided extensive support to the MD Department of Disabilities Emergency Preparedness Program and the MD Department of Human Services to expand and improve the state's Emergency Deployment Assistive Technology Toolkits.

"Public Act" - Information for Students with IEPs


IATP worked with the disability organization and sponsors to encourage the passing of Public Act 102-0841 which amends the school code by requiring local districts to provide parent's and guardians of students with IEPs informational materials about the Achievi

AT for Addressing Recovery Stages of Emergencies


CIDE has worked with the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management on the inclusion of assistive technology in the planning, response, and recovery stages of an emergency.

Public Library Partnership for Info Dissemination


Working with the Southern Nevada Public Library System we began with discussions about on-going collaborations to establish a long-term partnership for information dissemination, outreach, and creating additional methods to reach underserved populations with as

Helping K-12 Students through Parent Information Center Collaboration

New Hampshire

We are in the process of establishing a new partnership and relationship with the Parent Information Centers in New Hampshire. We attended a Wrights Law Conference hosted by the Parent Information Centers.

Aging and Disability Resource Center Collaboration

New Hampshire

The partner initiative is collaborating with the Aging and Disability Resource Centers to provide training and technical assistance on assistive technology services available for ADRCs.

Collaborating with State Organizations to Increase AT Access

North Dakota

ND Assistive and ND Protection and Advocacy met several times this year to collaborate on ways to help more people across the state obtain assistive technology. Although many topics involving assistive technology were discussed.

Improving Access to Public Libraries

INDATA collaborated with the Indianapolis Public Library to improve access to services and materials for persons of all abilities by implementing assistive technology workstations in each branch (25 total).