Access to Telehealth and Virtual Education

The INDATA Project core services were stopped in late March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We quickly realized there was a huge need for people to go to school remotely and those needing access to Telehealth that did not have computers or tablets available to them to do these activities.

Step Up AT

The Step Up AT to Promote Early Literacy Project (Step Up AT) is an innovative professional development resource to increase teacher and parent knowledge of evidenced-based assistive technology (AT) practices to increase early literacy outcomes for preschool children with disabilities.

Missouri AT Program Reimburses Schools for AT Purchases


Since 2002, Missouri Assistive Technology has worked to help K-12 schools’ budgets go further through their Assistive Technology Reimbursement (ATR) program.

Therapeutic Trikes Developed, Shared with the Public


Mike Stokes, who volunteers with the Utah Assistive Technology Program, partnered with us and Shaun Dahle, a physical therapist, to develop a therapeutic trike that can be built from furniture-grade PVC.

Assistive Technology Awareness for Primary School Students


AzTAP was asked to provide a training for a local private school that incorporates learning about persons with disabilities and their needs into its curriculum starting in the 1st grade.

IEP Legislation in Illinois


One way IATP increases information and knowledge in the area of education is by implementing change through affecting legislative advocacy and policy.

Smart Home Pilot Project


ATLA has adopted a range of technologies to develop “smart homes.” These homes are equipped with devices that allow for tasks, typically performed by humans, to be automated by voice, touch, and sensors.