Information and Communication Technology/Remote Connectivity

AT Awareness Month


May 2022 was Wyoming Assistive Technology Awareness Month, a formal proclamation signed by Wyoming's Governor Mark Gordon and was held virtually through the Google Meets platform. 45 attendees witnessed the virtual signing.

"Connect with Tech" Helping with Internet Connectivity


CDC funds received from the Pennsylvania Department of Health enabled our program to develop a program called "Connect with Tech." This program distributes tablets (including case, stylus and earbuds) and assist recipients by offering tech support and resources

The Social Isolation and Loneliness Project


To reduce social isolation and loneliness, the Oregon AT Program partnered with the State Unit on Aging and ADRC offices throughout Oregon to provide technology and related services to seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Improving Public Health Materials Accessibility with State University


TFL worked with the Georgia State University's School of Public Health to improve the accessibility of Public Health Materials.

Collaborating with State Library Systems for Digital Equity


The CT state Assistive Technology Act Program Director has been actively collaborating with the CT state Library Systems to help impact their Digital Equity initiatives and programming.

DDS Collaboration to Improve Consumer Support


The CT state Assistive Technology Act program has been actively collaborating with the state Department of Developmental Services (DDS) on their Assistive Technology initiatives to serve and support their consumers with intellectual disabilities.

Best Practices for Video Production and Dissemination


The collaborative project outlined for this report involves education and development of best practices for public education through video production and dissemination.

Kits for Social Isolation and Personal Safety


VATS staff meet monthly with Virginia No Wrong Door (NWD) to coordinate awareness of and access to assistive technology (AT) devices and services in Virginia’s NWD system.

Upgrading Online Services through Collaboration


The COVID-19 pandemic shut down visits to the physical offices of Utah's AAA, senior centers, and other facilities. As a result, shifting to online services was more complicated than it had been for other organizations.