Accessible Websites and Apps for Department of Correction

The State ADAs Office, Georgia Tech AMAC Accessibility Research Center and TFL who form AccessGA worked together to assist the Georgia Department of Corrections to become accessible with their website and apps.

Creating Inclusive Environments for Children with Disabilities


The Colorado Assistive Technology Act Program team has worked closely with the Colorado Department of Early Childhood on a new program, Project Include which began in 2021.This project expands on a previous program, Inclusion and Universal Design.

Providing AT to Cancer Patients

West Virginia

We have worked closely with the cancer center to begin to link individuals receiving care to needed AT before, during, and after their treatments.

The Social Isolation and Loneliness Project


To reduce social isolation and loneliness, the Oregon AT Program partnered with the State Unit on Aging and ADRC offices throughout Oregon to provide technology and related services to seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Public Library Partnership for Info Dissemination


Working with the Southern Nevada Public Library System we began with discussions about on-going collaborations to establish a long-term partnership for information dissemination, outreach, and creating additional methods to reach underserved populations with as

Accessible Training Videos for Medical Equipment


AE Corner is a for profit Therapy Program in Southern Illinois owned and operated by a Physical Therapist and and Speech Therapist.  They create training videos on the proper use of durable medical equipment so that has individuals with disabilities and th

Conference on Transition for Students with Disabilities


Our secondary transition conference for students with disabilities is a perfect example of one of our partnerships.

Collaborating with State Library Systems for Digital Equity


The CT state Assistive Technology Act Program Director has been actively collaborating with the CT state Library Systems to help impact their Digital Equity initiatives and programming.

Partnership to Expand Access to AT for School and Work


Since 2010, WATAP has supported the services provided by Washington State’s Department of Social and Health Services Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) through increased awareness of and expansion of access to assistive technology for school and work.