Digital Training for Older Adults

Initiative Description

ATEL an ATAP partner has started a new program to help bridge the digital divide of our older adults, providing monthly awareness, demonstrations, and trainings to older adults in underserved areas. This is a collaboration with local senior centers and libraries.  Prior to scheduling one-on-one trainings on tablets and smartphones; Providers did a presentation on Technology Challenges and Solutions For Older Adults at each location before beginning training so that older adults that embrace new technologies in housing and safety guarantee that they will remain in their own homes and communities longer, improve communication and quality of life by reducing isolation, improve management of medications and transportation. 

Lessons Learned/Replication

The Program it is providing monthly trainings at the following locations: Burrillville (Library, and 3 senior housing complexes), Glocester Senior Center, Lincoln Senior Center, Pawtucket Senior Center, Coventry Senior Center, N. Providence Senior Center, and the Meadows Senior housing complex in N. Smithfield. ATEL has completed numerous trainings Statewide. In the FFY 22, approximately 60 individuals participated in the various statewide events.  As a result of this collaboration, many seniors in underserved areas received training and demonstration to better improve their daily living.  

Year of Implementation



Rhode Island

Initiative contact information

Melanie Sbardella