Device Loan

Public Library Partnership for Info Dissemination


Working with the Southern Nevada Public Library System we began with discussions about on-going collaborations to establish a long-term partnership for information dissemination, outreach, and creating additional methods to reach underserved populations with as

Helping K-12 Students through Parent Information Center Collaboration

New Hampshire

We are in the process of establishing a new partnership and relationship with the Parent Information Centers in New Hampshire. We attended a Wrights Law Conference hosted by the Parent Information Centers.

Collaborating with State Organizations to Increase AT Access

North Dakota

ND Assistive and ND Protection and Advocacy met several times this year to collaborate on ways to help more people across the state obtain assistive technology. Although many topics involving assistive technology were discussed.

Improving Access to Public Libraries

INDATA collaborated with the Indianapolis Public Library to improve access to services and materials for persons of all abilities by implementing assistive technology workstations in each branch (25 total).

Accessible Training Videos for Medical Equipment


AE Corner is a for profit Therapy Program in Southern Illinois owned and operated by a Physical Therapist and and Speech Therapist.  They create training videos on the proper use of durable medical equipment so that has individuals with disabilities and their c

Area Education Agencies Collaboration for Device Loans to Students


Easterseals Iowa Assistive Technology Program has enhanced its coordination and collaboration with state Area Educational Agencies.