In-state Collaborations for Increased Awareness

Initiative Description

MATP built upon its relationships within the disability and employment community by continuing to work with the program planning committee for re:con; a statewide conference for professionals working within the field of disability, community organizations, and individuals receiving services from said organizations. Additionally, continued collaboration with the Michigan Council for Rehabilitation Services is ongoing. 

Lessons Learned/Replication

As a member of the program planning committee for the statewide conference MATP staff were able to collaborate with the state vocational rehabilitation systems, disability specific organizations such as Centers for Independent Living, and university staff members, just to name a few. During the collaboration, MATP staff were able to promote the need for increased access to and awareness of AT by helping ensure the physical space for the conference was accessible and that the virtual content helped create a barrier free experience for participants. In helping identify sessions that promote inclusion and disability awareness MATP staff increased awareness of AT by ensuring sessions such as AT for Social Isolation and a session on digital, accessible content were included in the program. Other session highlights included a session on disability, AT, and gaming, and workplace accommodations.  

Year of Implementation




Initiative contact information

Aimee Sterk