Leadership Conference on Virtual Learning

Initiative Description

The South Carolina Assistive Technology Program and the South Carolina Department of Education co-hosted a virtual assistive technology leadership conference. The topic was virtual learning and included several speakers on the subject. Attendees were broken into small groups to brainstorm and network and then met in a large group to share resources. 76 people from K-12 assistive technology teams across the state participated.

Lessons Learned/Replication

This conference occurred when students and teachers were struggling to virtually carry on school activities. Participants were from K-12 AT Teams. The focus of the conference was on virtual learning platforms, curriculum, and creating accessible materials. This was also a great venue for letting school personnel from across the state know that the SC Assistive Technology Program was still open and active in meeting their assistive technology needs. This was the 4th year for this initiative and plans are for it to continue each year. Advice would be to engage Assistive Technology Specialists at your state department of education. The SC Assistive Technology Program participated in planning meetings, recruiting speakers, presenting, advertising, providing the virtual forum, and creating handouts.

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