Maryland Technology First Initiative

Initiative Description

During FY21, MDTAP has established an ongoing partnership with the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA), to begin developing a plan for the state's Technology First Initiative. This initiative will be a multi-year, multi-agency/organization approach to ensuring that technology is considered as a first option for people with disabilities, particularly when receiving services through providers and funding through waivers. This effort is directed by the DDA with MDTAP serving in a key-partner role, with the intent that the AT libraries will be instrumental in allowing for people with disabilities, family members, and providers to explore appropriate technology solutions and seek expert advice before implementing a solution. 

Lessons Learned/Replication

This work is ongoing and more direct impacts will be measured in the coming fiscal year, but MDTAP has worked on a technology process map and outreach goals with DDA, we have contributed to the creation of the Statewide Technology Taskforce, we maintain a chair on the Taskforce and the workgroups, and we meet monthly in direct consultation with DDA to help guide this project. As a result, we have connected with a number of organizations and agencies that are learning more about our services and better understanding the AT acquisition processes in Maryland. 

Year of Implementation




Initiative contact information

Lori Markland