SCION: Improving Education and Employment Opportunities

Initiative Description

The Justice Center and various TRAID Centers have collaborated with staff from the Department of Labor on the New York Systems Change and Inclusive Opportunities Network (SCION.) SCION's goal is to improve education, training and employment opportunities and outcomes for youth and adults with disabilities. SCION has worked to hire and train 33 new Disability Resource Coordinators (DRCs) to assist job seekers with disabilities. This includes providing feedback and voiceover for recorded Disability Resource Coordinator (DRC) trainings, assistance in SCION office hours, and resource sharing. A training was provided on June 30th to teach the DRCs about the importance of digital accessibility when working with participants. Additional trainings by TRAID staff have included reasonable accommodations, and an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Additionally, some DRCs have reached out to TRAID Centers to learn more about specific AT devices and refer clients there.

Lessons Learned/Replication

The SCION Project is in its first year and results are still being measured. By having TRAID as a partner agency, the DRCs have had access to various training topics related to assistive technology that they would not have had otherwise. This partnership has increased knowledge of the TRAID program and assistive technology resources in New York. It has built connections to resources across the state and has been successful so far due to frequent communication and monthly check-ins for DRCs and partner agency staff. This initiative builds upon the work of four rounds of federal Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) pilot funding and the Disability Program Navigator before that. TRAID plans to keep working with the Department of Labor as the initiative continues over the next two years.

Year of Implementation



New York

Initiative contact information

Melinda Dolezal