MassMATCH Leads Statewide Collaboration: Expanding Assistive Tech with ARPA Funds

Initiative Description

MassMATCH, the Massachusetts State AT Program participated in a major statewide collaborative effort among Massachusetts state agencies that serve individuals with disabilities and older adults. Under the leadership of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS), the collaboration brought together representatives from seven different executive secretariats and state agencies to brainstorm ideas on how best to enhance Assistive Technology services in the commonwealth using American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. Participating secretariats/agencies included representatives from the Executive Office on Elder Affairs(EOEA), the Mass Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), The Mass Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDS), the Mass Department of Health (DPH), the Mass Department of Mental Health (DPH), and MassHealth, the Massachusetts Medicaid agency. The resulting coordination/collaboration effort, which came to be known as the “Enabling Member Technology Initiative” put in place a total of 9 separate  AT projects valued at approximately $17.5 million to serve over an estimated 10,000  individuals with disabilities and older adults through March 2025 .

Lessons Learned/Replication

During FY23, all the nine individual projects were fully implemented and are ongoing. A couple of projects were so successful that they have been suspended due to oversubscription.  At this time, all remaining initiatives are estimated to continue until March 2025. Below is a brief description of each project and status to-date.  Initiative name Implementation update   DDS Assistive Technology (AT) Services: Evaluation, Training and AT Device Acquisition ARPA funding used to provide comprehensive person-centered evaluations and acquire recommended assistive tech.  DDS Remote Supports and Monitoring Startup Funding This incentive continues to be offered to any provider that expresses interest in providing this service. Support 6+ providers thus far.  DDS Supportive Technology Innovation Funding The innovation funding awarded in FY23' was expended and final reports of achieved outcomes submitted by awardees.  The projects that were awarded funding for FY24' are being implemented.   DMH Technological Independence and Access Initiative DMH allocated SFY24 funds to Clubhouse programs and Young Adult Access centers.  Hybrid Programming for Councils on Aging Estimated that 25 organizations will be awarded funding. In the process of finalizing contracting.  EOEA Enhancing Digital Literacy for Older Adults Estimated 24 organizations will be awarded funds. In the process of finalizing contracting.  MRC Adaptive Vehicle & Adaptive Housing Modifications A total of 6 Vehicle mod/Driver eval jobs were authorized, of which 5 of them have already been billed out. A total of 15 Home Mod jobs were authorized, with a total of 7 jobs completed and billed. A total of 4 Architect jobs were authorized and all 4 have been completed and billed out.  MRC Supporting Independence for Community Living Consumers 175 Consumers are actively authorized and or receiving AT services across SL, HCAP & SHIP. 5 consumers are receiving remote supports. MRC continues discussions around remote support best practices with UCP WM.    MRC AT Training and Support The project continues to receive referrals through the referral tool and is providing services, and running smoothly; We continue to have regular calls with Easter Seals and UCP to review referrals, trainings and billing. 

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Kobena Bonney