Using Rocketbook to Enhance Note-Taking Services at a University

Initiative Description

ATAC partnered with Stockton University’s disability support services office. Approximately 800 students are enrolled with the Learning Access Program, and approximately 30% of those students have an accommodation for peer note-taking services. Peer note-takers are not always effective as they are not always able to capture all components of a lecture. By installing and utilizing Rocketbook Beacons, students will be able to take exact images of the whiteboard and have it converted to accessible text into a cloud-based service.   

Lessons Learned/Replication

This was a pilot program to see if note-taking services to students will improve by having the Rocketbook Beacons installed and using the Rocketbook app to take a picture of the whiteboard. By adding beacons to the classrooms, Disability Services was able to enhance their peer note-taking system as they were already using the Rocketbooks to take notes. This allowed not only the students in the course, but the student note-takers, the ability to record the whiteboard clearly and take notes on the verbal lecture and not just the content on the board.  For the spring 2022 semester, Stockton University will hold workshops that focus on the use of the Beacons with effective note-taking skills.

Year of Implementation


Focus Areas


New Jersey

Initiative contact information

Mike Marotta