Toolkits for Emergency Preparedness

Initiative Description

MDTAP has provided extensive support to the MD Department of Disabilities Emergency Preparedness Program and the MD Department of Human Services to expand and improve the state's Emergency Deployment Assistive Technology Toolkits. These toolkits, nearly 25 of them, have been utilized to provide accommodations at emergency response sites across the state, from mass vaccination and COVID testing sites, to emergency shelters during states of emergency. During FY22, MDTAP evaluated each toolkit, created customized instructional videos and corresponding QR codes for each AT device included, facilitated repairs & upgrades, installed air tags for higher cost devices within each kit, and updated the operations manual to include more information on each of the devices. 

Lessons Learned/Replication

The updates to these kits ensure that the state is fully prepared to support shelter and emergency response professionals as they implement the toolkits and make them available to constituents with disabilities during a variety of emergency deployments. For more information on distribution, emergency toolkit manual, or other questions, contact Cecilia Warren, Director, Emergency Preparedness Policy  Maryland Department of Disabilities, 

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Emergency Response



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Lori Berrong