Integrating Remote Technology Support for Independence

Initiative Description

LATAN has partnered and collaborated with the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), Office of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD) to expand its Medicaid Waiver programs to include technology supports with remote features (mobile emergency response systems and electronic medication reminder systems), as well as other assistive technologies and services used to increase safety and independence among Waiver participants. Collaborating partners include OCDD executive leadership and Waiver program administrators along with LATAN’s State AT Program Director. This initiative is part of OCDD’s ARPA strategic plan; however, these plans will continue following the end of the ARPA funding and will be sustained through continued partnership with LATAN. The start this initiative, LATAN provided descriptions of AT devices by category and required services to be used in the revision of the Waiver program manuals, as well as in the development of the billing codes to be implemented. LATAN also provided direct AT services to the initial pilot of Waiver service participants.       

Lessons Learned/Replication

As an initiative pilot, Medicaid Waiver Support Coordinators provided referrals of potential participants to LATAN to conduct an assessment for remote support and additional assistive technologies based on the participant’s goals and interests. Seven of the 10 participants referred received assessments, which included recommendations for technology supports with remote features and other AT such as AAC devices. Medicaid Waiver services historically have been provided by people with little use of technology. The biggest lesson learned thus far was that a significant amount of training on AT service delivery will be needed for Support Coordinators, direct services workers, and others who are part of the participant’s AT team and will need to be a coordinated effort. This initiative will expand use of assistive technology devices and services in Louisiana’s Medicaid Waiver program. As such, LATAN will provide more training and technical assistance to OCDD, regional Support Coordinators, direct support workers, and others to ensure quality-driven, Assistive Technology services will be provided and continue to be expanded within the Medicaid Waiver program. LATAN’s partnership with OCDD is ongoing and will continue beyond the end of the ARPA funding.  Currently, LATAN continues to be a key partner in the development and implementation of assistive technology within Louisiana’s Medicaid Waiver programs. 

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Initiative contact information

Yakima Black