Accessible Training Videos for Medical Equipment

Initiative Description

AE Corner is a for profit Therapy Program in Southern Illinois owned and operated by a Physical Therapist and and Speech Therapist.  They create training videos on the proper use of durable medical equipment so that has individuals with disabilities and their caregivers navigate using equipment at home they can quickly refer to the videos through the website or a quick scan of a QR Code.  For an extremely nominal fee IATP could use the training videos and make them available on our website or by handing out the URL or the QR Code to the individual borrowing a device through our Device Loan or Reuse Program.  Unfortunately, the site and videos had several accessibility issues.  IATP and AE Corner met numerous times regarding what it would take to make the materials and site available.  IATP's staff, Krystal Connolly spent time training AE Corner staff on ICT and IATP staff met with their programmer to ensure that the ICT issues could be made fully accessible.  

Lessons Learned/Replication

IATP staff and its customers now have access to a comprehensive, accessible video library that provides the end user or their caregiver on how to use durable medical equipment to ensure proper usage and safety.  This is a result of IATP partnering with Adapted Equipment Corner and their programmer by providing needed training and working closely with them to make sure their training videos and website are accessible all organizations and customers that work with them or utilized their instructional training videos and resource materials benefit from them being fully accessible and complying with Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act (IITAA.)

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Willie Gunther