Collaborating with State Library Systems for Digital Equity

Initiative Description

The CT state Assistive Technology Act Program Director has been actively collaborating with the CT state Library Systems to help impact their Digital Equity initiatives and programming. As part of this collaboration, the AT Act Program Director is participating in monthly planning meetings, has presented on how our programs and services can benefit the state libraries and their patrons. Activities thus far have included presentations and participation in the first Digital Equity Week kick off conference as well as monthly meetings with state library system and multiple local libraries. No AT Act funding has been used for this TA. Program Director has provided guidance and Technical Assistance.   

Lessons Learned/Replication

Awareness of AT Act services and programs has been increased. Ground work has been laid for future direct partnerships and mutual programming. Local libraries have begun to reach out to the AT Act Program and our partner agencies for additional public awareness activities at their local libraries to reach their staff and patrons.

Year of Implementation




Initiative contact information

Arlene Lugo