Getting more AT in the Hands of Children by Eliminating Loan Fees

Initiative Description

ND Assistive eliminated the Loan library fees in October 2020, which increased the number of short-term loans dramatically. Due to this high demand, many of the high need items such as iPads and AAC apps had waiting lists. ND Assistive and Family Voices of North Dakota (FVND) collaborated to bring more short-term loan assistive technology devices to children with disabilities. FVND is a non-profit that works to achieve family-centered care for all children with special health care needs and/or disabilities.

Lessons Learned/Replication

Family Voices received funding from a COVID grant this past year, earmarked to help the children they serve. They provided some of these dollars to ND Assistive to purchase assistive technology such as tablets and communication apps for use in the ND Assistive short-term loan library, so more children of North Dakota in need can try before they buy in a timelier manner. Equipment purchased included iPads, AAC Apps, Kindle Fire tablets, and more. 

Year of Implementation



North Dakota

Initiative contact information

Jeannie Krull