Increasing AT Awareness through Advertisements

Initiative Description

STAR has been connecting with our Aging and Disability Resource Centers, Department of Human Services (Board of aging, Disability Services division, Live Well at Home Grant), and Centers for Independent Living for a few years. In the federal fiscal year '22, we identified a project to increase overall awareness of assistive technology. We are creating kiosk cards, newspapers, and Facebook ads along with informational videos. These resources will benefit all ages, but a focus will be placed on the Senior population. Additionally, 20 "AT Kit's" will be assembled and distributed to professionals who work directly with consumers. STAR provided the group with a list of items for the kits. The intent of the kits is to increase consumers' and caregivers' awareness of assistive technology. The advertisements are directing consumers to the MN STAR Program and we will direct people from there. The ADRC team completely funded this project with dollars from their CARES Act money.

Lessons Learned/Replication

This project is still ongoing. We are expecting deliverables in December of '22. The team will be tracking internet analytics and STAR will monitor calls, loans, etc. The group has enjoyed working together. Many have commented that it is rare for agencies to collaborate and believe this project will be effective. Our hope is if the first video is successful we will be able to create more videos that are more specific, as this first video is an introduction to AT.

Year of Implementation




Initiative contact information

Amy Perron