Expanding Assistive Technology Partnership and Enhancing Support for Kansas Families

Initiative Description

Assistive Technology for Kansans (ATK) has had a partnership with Tiny k Infant Toddler Services since the inception of the program in 1993. Historically, Tiny k supported a limited amount of device loan purchases and state and regional training. After reviewing the impact of a series of regional workshops held this past year on positioning, mobility and seating devices and strategies to select and support these devices in a child's daily routine, Tiny k staff met with ATK staff to discuss an expansion of the partnership. Tiny k staff offered a second contract to provide additional training workshops for local providers and families to run concurrently with the existing agreement. 

Lessons Learned/Replication

As a result of this collaboration, an additional 400 local providers received training in an area of assistive technology pertaining to the needs of children ages birth to three and their families. ATK staff initiated a new training method that will provide for ongoing on-demand learning for providers and families. Workshop topics have a face to face component but most have complimentary virtual supporting materials and video to assist participants in implementing their new knowledge in the area of assistive technology. 

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