Creating Inclusive Environments for Children with Disabilities

Initiative Description

The Colorado Assistive Technology Act Program team has worked closely with the Colorado Department of Early Childhood on a new program, Project Include which began in 2021.This project expands on a previous program, Inclusion and Universal Design. It supports the more than 4000 licensed Colorado family child care homes, child care centers, and preschools in Colorado. The program has provided training, technical assistance, and equipment to assist providers in creating more inclusive environments for children with delays and disabilities through access to assistive technology, training and technical assistance. 

Lessons Learned/Replication

Currently over 400 programs have requested support. Over 110 have completed a 90 minute online training on Inclusion and Universal Design which includes numerous low tech examples for their programs. Over forty videos have been produced and posted on our website which explain adapted technologies and how to utilize them with children. These videos have been viewed more then 1000 times. The program has created 4 different adapted materials kits that are provided in short term loans to programs. The project web site is located at and has numerous resources for providers. Contact for more information.

Year of Implementation


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Initiative contact information

Maureen Melonis