Texas Vaccine Access Initiative

Initiative Description

A collaborative group of Texas stakeholders who support people with disabilities and those who are aging initiated a project to inform consumers, get the vaccine out, and provide fiscal and material resources to service providers. The program has been so successful, the group has rebranded to be more generic in nature and will serve as a launch place in Texas for all responses to disasters and emergencies (such as weather disasters, power grid failures, subsequent health emergencies, etc.). Link to the main website: https://inclusiveaccesstexas.org/ (click on the partner profiles to view the broad coalition of entities supporting this project), and the link to the Vaccine Initiative: https://inclusiveaccesstexas.org/vaccine-access-initiative/. This collaboration also led to other projects and activities with the partners out side of the Vaccine Initiative.

Lessons Learned/Replication

The initiative will continue with a broader application beyond access to vaccines. Each entity is using its own funding stream to support participation. It is assumed when Texas is faced with subsequent disasters and emergencies, there will likely be outside funding to support response from federal, state, and local governments.

Year of Implementation


Focus Areas

Other focus area

Access to COVID-19 vaccines



Initiative contact information

Angela Standridge