Statewide Document Accessibility Training

Initiative Description

North Carolina Assistive Technology Program (NCATP) staff worked with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Policy office (DVR) to identify training needs for staff statewide in the area of document accessibility. Three separate trainings were identified: MS Word Accessibility, MS Forms Accessibility, and MS PowerPoint Accessibility. The first training on MS Word was developed and posted on the statewide Learning Management System (LMS) in January 2020.

Lessons Learned/Replication

Once viewed by the DVR Director, the training was opened to other state employees including the DHHS Diversity Inclusion Coordinator and the Office of State Human Resources. Individuals can access the training, take the knowledge checks, receive the certificate of completion, and return to the training at any time as a refresher course. Over 300 DVR staff have taken the training that includes knowledge checks and a certificate of completion. The second training on MS Forms is currently being reviewed by testers and will be posted before the end of the 2020 year.

Year of Implementation


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Initiative contact information

Gloria Jinks