Improving State Employees' Access to AT

Initiative Description

STAR is working collaboratively with the state of Minnesota's IT department and ADA leaders to improve state employees' and state job applicants' access to assistive technology. STAR manages the State of Minnesota's Centralized Accommodation Fund and works directly with individuals who need accommodations. We have been very disheartened by the amount of time that it takes for individuals to receive the equipment or services that are needed to perform their job. Through ongoing communication, we have gotten the attention of leadership and are working collaboratively to create a portal for employees, ADA Coordinators, and supervisors to access and implement the products and services that the employee needs. Currently, Minnesota's IT department is covering the costs of creating and developing the online tool (meaning the dollars are coming from the state's general fund). 

Lessons Learned/Replication

This is an ongoing project and we are not ready to offer any results. We are grateful to have the support of our IT department leadership team. We preparing to present this work to our Department of Management and Budget group as their buy-in will help this work reach the entire enterprise. Without their support, we will be able to move this project forward, but things will move a bit slower.

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Initiative contact information

Amy Perron