"Memorandum of Understanding" - Training Series


MoAT has updated and re-established its Memorandum of Understanding with the state vocational agency.

Innovating Ideas with a State-wide Leadership Group


The Oregon AT Program is a SLATE (State Leaders of Assistive Technology in Education) member.

The Social Isolation and Loneliness Project


To reduce social isolation and loneliness, the Oregon AT Program partnered with the State Unit on Aging and ADRC offices throughout Oregon to provide technology and related services to seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Acquiring Funding for Increased Short-term Equipment

North Dakota

ND Assistive eliminated the Loan Library fees in October 2020, which continues to increase our short-term equipment loans. Due to this,   we do not have enough equipment to loan.

Improving Access to Public Libraries

INDATA collaborated with the Indianapolis Public Library to improve access to services and materials for persons of all abilities by implementing assistive technology workstations in each branch (25 total).

Conference on Transition for Students with Disabilities


Our secondary transition conference for students with disabilities is a perfect example of one of our partnerships.

DDS Collaboration to Improve Consumer Support


The CT state Assistive Technology Act program has been actively collaborating with the state Department of Developmental Services (DDS) on their Assistive Technology initiatives to serve and support their consumers with intellectual disabilities.

Supporting Students with Technical Assistance


CIDE has partnered with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Office of Disability, Accessibility and Inclusion to support faculty in their efforts to accommodate student’s access to their curriculum; and students in their needs for accessibility,

WyRamp: Addressing the Need for Home Ramps in Wyoming


Accessing one’s home for some residents who have problems with balance or who use a wheelchair, scooter, or walker is a major issue in Wyoming. Many homes in Wyoming are not equipped with ramps or zero-degree thresholds at their entrances.

Partnership to Expand Access to AT for School and Work


Since 2010, WATAP has supported the services provided by Washington State’s Department of Social and Health Services Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) through increased awareness of and expansion of access to assistive technology for school and work.