MDTAP Collaborates to Enhance Disability Employment Support in Maryland Job Centers

Initiative Description

MDTAP worked closely with the Maryland Department of Labor, the MD Department of Disabilities Director of Employment, and the National Federation of the Blind to conduct a consumer needs assessment regarding appropriate employment services & referrals for people with disabilities seeking services in all of Maryland's American Job Centers (AJC). Through this assessment, we identified key referral needs for consumers and collaborated on the creation on a mandatory AJC staff training focused on disability etiquette and appropriate services and recommendations. The training covers how to support someone with a disability at the AJC, when to incorporate AT as a part of the job search process, and how to make referrals beyond just sending someone to the vocational rehabilitation waitlist.

Lessons Learned/Replication

The final version of the AJC training is currently under review by the leadership at the MD Department of Labor. Once final approval is issued, the training will be posted on the HUB (the Maryland state employee training portal) and made mandatory for all employees under Department of Labor's American Job Centers. The ultimate intent is to improve referrals for people with disabilities and increase instances where employees are served with accommodations as opposed to sending them directly to vocational rehabilitation. A copy of the standard training can be provided by Kristen Patterson, Disability and Youth Services Coordinator,

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Initiative contact information

Lori Berrong