Reaching out to the Aging Population to end Social Isolation

Initiative Description

In 2019, NCATP partnered with the Division of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS) under the CARES grant to provide access to assistive technology for individuals who are aging and disabled and who were facing difficulties in accessing vaccine related care, medical care, as well as dealing with social isolation.  In 2020, DAAS and NCATP continued this partnership and obtained additional funding to continue the efforts of ADRC COVID-19 Relief Response project. Focus continued to be on the most vulnerable and at-risk older adults and people with disabilities. This additional funding supported NCATP by opening a new service to purchase assistive technology, equipment for the intended population of the grant. 

Lessons Learned/Replication

Individuals served include: 1. over 65 (aging, disabled, medical conditions); 2. ages 19-64 (disabled, medical conditions); and 3. ages 19 & below (will have access to demo/loan equipment but are not included in the purchase of these items unless documentation is included regarding limited to no access to funding stream and failure to obtain device will hinder access to medical/vaccine care or increase social isolation). Specific focus will be on individuals within rural areas facing social isolation and who may be home bound or in residential care facilities. This partnership continues to develop and more individuals will be reached. The success of the partnership has been the development of relationships with stakeholders and community groups within the aging population. This has been a new and exciting partnership. This project is targeting to reach approximately 250 individuals, and will continue through September 30, 2022.       

Year of Implementation



North Carolina

Initiative contact information

Tammy Koger