Workshops Enable Consumers who are Blind/Low Vison to Learn About Accessibility Features in Technology

Initiative Description

ATinNH worked with New Hampshire’s Services for the Blind and Vision Impaired (SBVI) to put on a series of workshops on assistive technology for blind/low vision access to technology, including but not limited to iOS devices, Microsoft Office products, DIY magnifier holders, and more.  SBVI advertised the workshops and gathered attendee info for invites & addresses to mail fabrication kits to.  This was a contracted service.

Lessons Learned/Replication

This collaborative series of workshops enabled folks across NH who are blind or experience low vision to learn about the accessibility features in technology they already use as well as new ideas for how to create their own solutions. Many of the participants were new to ATinNH and now can connect with us to access and try more devices as the need arises.  Attendance was a bit lower than expected for some of the workshops; perhaps better advertising would help. All participants expressed a desire for the series to continue, so ATinNH and SBVI will hopefully restart the series come spring.

Year of Implementation



New Hampshire

Initiative contact information

Caitlyn Fulton