Helping K-12 Students through Parent Information Center Collaboration

Initiative Description

We are in the process of establishing a new partnership and relationship with the Parent Information Centers in New Hampshire. We attended a Wrights Law Conference hosted by the Parent Information Centers. We held a booth in their exhibit hall to highlight the services of ATinNH, and specifically how assistive technology can help the K-12 student. This benefited school districts throughout the state of New Hampshire, as well as parents of students in need of special education services. In addition, visitors of our booth had the opportunity to fabricate their own book holder and take it home with them as an introduction to assistive technology and fabricated devices. 

Lessons Learned/Replication

This new partnership increased pubic awareness and provided the Parent Information Centers with information and education about what our program does. Ongoing partnership resulted in the development of an assistive technology continuum series that will be recurring event. 

Year of Implementation



New Hampshire

Initiative contact information

Therese Willkomm