Delivering Opportunities on Wheels - GSAT's Mobile AT Demonstration Unit

Initiative Description

GSAT engaged in a partnership with the Mayor's Council of Guam (MCOG) specifically for the implementation of the “Delivering Opportunities on Wheels” project. The initiative entailed the mayors of the different municipalities to accommodate GSAT staff with space, electricity and restroom facilities while GSAT operated a mobile unit to provide AT services to qualified individuals with disabilities in their municipalities. MCOG provided support and partnership as the project was implemented. The mayor's office benefited as well because it allowed greater utilization of their infrastructure. Other collaborating agencies include Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority (GHURA), whose role is to promote the service to assisted living residents under their jurisdiction. The community at large, specifically individuals with disabilities and their family members, benefited from this project. Assistive Technology Act funds were used to carry out the project that benefited the community at large, specifically individuals with disabilities and their family members. Radio stations served as an outlet that brought awareness and allowed messages to reach a vast majority of people.

Lessons Learned/Replication

GSAT staff initiated planning sessions with the mayors of 9 municipalities, all who gave 100% support for the project. The initiative addressed barriers in transportation by bringing AT devices closer to individuals that need them. There was an increase awareness of AT devices and services that are readily available in Guam through GSAT. Additionally, the partnership paved the way for year-round workshops anticipated to conduct weekly on various topics. This includes coordination with various private and government entities to elevate the awareness of AT services for effective and streamlined delivery to the community.

Year of Implementation




Initiative contact information

Reuel Drilon