Expanding AT Programs for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Initiative Description

The Colorado Commission for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and DeafBlind's collaboration with The Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering (CIDE) has greatly helped expand its Communications Technology Program (CTP) through their assessments, installation, and training of deaf and hard of hearing consumers in need of specialized phone devices, notification systems, etc. The Commission provides the referrals and CIDE provides the demonstration/assessment, assists in the installation if necessary, and provides the on-site training.

Lessons Learned/Replication

Through our training and support, CTP consumers are able to confidently communicate with the community at large. We see an increase in our numbers annually and the consumer satisfaction and appreciation of the family is always high. This program has expanded our reach into the deaf and hard of hearing community and working with the Commission has provided opportunities to trial various forms of communication access much needed by the community. This collaboration has been ongoing for over the past 20 years and appears to be a great fit for both parties to increase their services. 

Year of Implementation




Initiative contact information

Maureen Melonis